Download Adam WhatsApp brown and black latest version 2022

Download Adam WhatsApp brown and black latest version 2022 adam WhatsApp app

WhatsApp Adam 2022 WhatsApp Adam: It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp developed by the legend , WhatsApp Adam consists of two versions, which are Adam’s black 2022 and also Adam brown WhatsApp, through WhatsApp Adam you can get new and wonderful features that are not available in the official WhatsApp, such as controlling The look of WhatsApp and change the look of the WhatsApp theme daily, follow this article with us to get the link to Download Adam WhatsApp Black 2022 and the link to Download Adam WhatsApp Brown 2022, the latest version of v28, and learn about the advantages of WhatsApp Adam..

Download Adam Whatsapp black and brown
Download Adam Whatsapp black and brown

Download Adam WhatsApp 2022 brown and black latest version apk

You can download Adam WhatsApp apk 2022 latest version 28 against the ban from the following buttons:

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There is no significant difference in the WhatsApp Adam brown and black , both have the same features, shape and icons, but the only difference is in the color.

Update WhatsApp 2022 ADWhatsApp

If you want to update Adam’s WhatsApp, all you have to do is download the new ADWhatsApp from the previous download buttons, and only the update package will be downloaded, and you will not have to log in again.

What’s new in WhatsApp Adam, the latest update

This update was necessary because the WhatsApp version started to stop for many users, so they were looking for the update and did not find it, and for you no new features were added at all, but the existing problems were fixed, as they were:

  • WhatsApp base update
  • Added feedback feature (press and hold on any message).
  • Add stop and resume recording of voice notes.

Voice messages and emoji interaction in WhatsApp Adam 2022

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  • Add the option to save the media when the option not to save in the studio is activated.

Save photos in WhatsApp Adam

  • Add a new format for contact information.
  • Add a feature to copy captions on photos or videos, select the photo or video, and then choose Copy captions.
  • Added the ability to “search the web” or use an Emoji for a profile picture.

How to install WhatsApp Adam Black 2022 whatsapp Adam

  • Click on the download Adam WhatsApp latest version from the previous download button or the buttons at the bottom of this article, but if you encounter a problem :
    • Download from an untrusted source Solution Enable downloading from unknown sources.
    • This type of file may harm your device .” Solution Click OK.
  • Then you install the program as usual and then click on the Restore , if you have a previous account, but if you are a new user in the new WhatsApp Adam, then click on approval and follow only, and then enter your phone number, and enjoy a pleasant experience with WhatsApp Adam against the ban the new.

Features of downloading WhatsApp Adam brown and black

WhatsApp Adam, the black version and the brown version, contains many great features. Follow us to explain the features in detail.

Adam’s WhatsApp home page

The main page in WhatsApp is slightly different from the regular WhatsApp in that it contains additional options such as:

  • possibility of activating the night mode for WhatsApp from the main page.
  • Activate the flight mode DND, which is to stop the internet from WhatsApp only, while keeping it working on the rest of the applications.
  • floating button, which enables you to move to conversations or restart WhatsApp, and you can know the detailed modifications of friends on their profiles.

The home page of WhatsApp, the latest version

Control the appearance of the home page in WhatsApp Adam

The possibility of adding a bottom bar for conversations at the bottom of the main screen, so that WhatsApp Android becomes the same as WhatsApp iPhone, and you can do this from the additions of the legend and then the main screen, and choose the shape of the bottom bar that suits you.Control the new WhatsApp Adam shape

Privacy features in Download Adam WhatsApp black and brown 2022

And you can access these advantages from the three side points, then the legend additions, then privacy, and you will find the advantages as follows:

  • Hide the appearance, the reading and receipt, and the writing in progress .
  • Hide that you have seen a status: You can hide that you have seen your friend’s status on WhatsApp.
  • Enable Do Not Delete Messages: You can see who is deleting messages from your conversation with them.
  • possibility of locking WhatsApp with a secret number without programs.
  • Prevent deletion of cases .
  • Stop a transferred signal , that is, you can re-send messages without the transferred signal appearing.

Privacy after downloading WhatsApp Adam Black 2022

Save, share and copy the status in Adam WhatsApp 2022 ADWhatApp

The ability to copy the text of the status of friends and share it with others, and these additions have been added in the status download button.The ability to share or copy the status in WhatsApp, the latest version

Other advantages in WhatsApp 2022

  • WhatsApp Adam 2022 contains a store that includes thousands of new and distinctive themes.
  • Control notifications , and you can receive a notification when the profile picture is changed and when anyone views your status.
  • Send a message to an unregistered number.
  • Message scheduling and the ability to make an automatic reply to messages.
  • possibility of installing more than 3 conversations on the home page in WhatsApp Adam 2022.
  • Adding the audio acceleration feature to several speeds 1.5x or 2x.
  • A new feature that enables you to send photos and allow them to be viewed once and then disappear
  • The ability to control the location of the icon for archived messages to the top, from the settings and then the main screen, choose the lines from them, including the activation of the button to show archived chats at the top.

Download Adam WhatsApp and Eve 2022 to get WhatsApp +4

If you want to get 4 copies of WhatsApp Plus, you must download two copies of WhatsApp, as long as the brown and black, in addition to downloading Eve , the purple and red versions, to download 4 copies of WhatsApp Plus for the legendary developer. You can run 4 WhatsApp numbers together and get WhatsApp for Android.

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