Download Easy Facebook Messenger 2022-2021 Updated latest version

Download Messenger 2022-2021 Messenger, the latest version, with a direct link, Facebook Messenger Apk, download Messenger on the phone, the latest version, for free. The most powerful chat program among conversational programs is not only for its multiple and useful features, but because it was developed by the social networking giant Facebook and you can use it completely free of charge. Dear visitor, you can download Easy Blue Messenger in an easy way for messages, audio and video calls for the Android mobile phone on your phone with a direct link through this topic. Download the new Messenger, one of the most important Android programs that you must have on your phone in order to communicate effectively and distinctly with your Facebook friends.

Download Messenger 2022 Easy Blue in an easy and fast way, the latest version, with a direct link to Messenger Apk

A comprehensive topic about downloading a modern Messenger and downloading Messenger 2022, as well as providing the download of old versions of Messenger 2019-2018-2017 with a direct link, and offering all its powerful features and features while providing the download in the Apk format.

Messenger 2022, the latest version, supports the video communication feature, as this feature used to come in previous versions, but only between two people. But now it comes with the support of group video calls for a large number of people in the same conversation, up to 50 people. The new Messenger program for messages is an important tool for chatting with all Facebook users to interact and exchange experiences and opinions, as well as exchanging photos, videos and files, sending and receiving them of different types.

What is the Messenger app?

The new modern 2022 Messenger app is a free instant messaging program for Facebook users. Also, downloading Messenger on the phone provides instant communication between Facebook users through text chat, voice calls and video calls. In addition, the ability to exchange files, photos, videos, and almost all other types of files.

Having a social network such as Facebook will make you very close to those you love, as well as enable you to make new friends and get to know different people from around the world, you will be in contact with them without thinking about the distances between you.

When the giant social network Facebook appeared, it was just a website, but with the passage of time and the expansion of network activity and the huge number of users in addition to that, the boom of smartphones and their various systems, especially the very popular Android system, the developers created a copy Especially it works on these smartphones and other regular phones that support Java, and among the features of the Messenger 2022 program was an internal messaging program so that users could communicate with each other and send picture files, voice messages and Facebook emojis.

The messaging program was very limited in relation to the existing features, after that the Facebook developer team developed a revolutionary program separate from the main Facebook program, but with features that are considered the best among the chat programs on the development yards. The most widely used is the new Facebook Messenger 2022-2020 Messenger for mobile.

Download Messenger 2022-2020 Free Modern Messenger for messages and video calls

You can now download the free Messenger 2022-2020, the latest version of Messenger Apk with a direct link and start free and effective communication with whoever you want on the social network Facebook. To download the program, go to the download page last topic.

Facebook Messenger 2022 is a program for sending instant messages, images, audio clips, animations and emojis with the characteristics and features of the giant Facebook fingerprint, in addition to many tools available for installation in the program, Facebook Messenger is the official application for Facebook To connect with your friends on Facebook.

Download Messenger on the phone 2022 Messenger latest version

We offer you to download Messenger on the phone with a direct link, the latest version in the Apk format. Facebook Messenger 2022 Messenger, like most programs, needs to run phone data or connect to a Wi-Fi network to work on your phone, you do not need to pay any costs for messages and calls, it is completely free.

The work of the Messenger program on your phone requires linking your Facebook account to work and entering your phone number if you want to be able to use the feature of sending messages to your contacts directly through the application and this is a very wonderful feature within the new Messenger program, as well as you can add and invite people registered in Your phone book and chat with them even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Download the new Facebook Messenger 2022, the latest version, with a direct link

Download the new Facebook Messenger 2022, the latest version, with a direct link for Android easily. Facebook Messenger has been developed to conduct conversations in a distinctive way, you can take video clips, photos and selfies and send them to your contacts or to a group directly through the application, and if you want to send photos and videos from the photo gallery, you can do this as well and browse all your photos and videos on your smartphone and choose And select and send what you want easily and quickly.

The Facebook Messenger 2022 program for free chat, video and audio calls is an exceptional program that differs from the rest of the other similar programs because it is affiliated with Facebook, which means confidence and security while you are using the program, in addition to continuous development and updates that are available to users in short times Where an update is issued every period of the program to maintain its stability and safe working environment, and in the first place to maintain the comfort of its users and provide all the capabilities and features that attract them more and more to use it in their daily lives in communicating with those around them.

The new Messenger 2022 update, direct download, the latest version, for free

The new Messenger 2022 update is the latest version available for direct download for free, and you can update the program on your phone continuously through this topic . We are always keen to provide the latest versions of Android programs as soon as they are released. Easy Messenger Download includes powerful and new features that we will talk about in detail below.

Facebook is always keen to update and develop all its programs, provide new features, and add important improvements in each version. So we always recommend that you update all the apps on a regular basis for stable and safe performance of these programs as well as your phone. To download the new Messenger 2022 update, the latest version of Messenger Apk, scroll to the last or first topic to go to the download page and download the program in the Apk format with a direct link for free.

Installing the latest version of the latest blue messenger (explanation)

The process of installing Messenger 2022 for Android on your phone is as easy as the rest of the Android programs. To install an easy Messenger, simply follow the following simple steps. But first, make sure that you have downloaded the appropriate version for your phone and its Android version by carefully reading the program information on the download page (requirement box).

  1. First, make sure that the installation of programs from unknown sources is enabled in your phone’s security settings.
  2. After downloading Messenger 2022, it is easy to open the file through the browser or through your file manager.
  3. Click on the word install and wait for the easy messenger application to be installed and click open.
  4. And to start using Modern Messenger, follow the steps to log in, so you can start using it.

Features and features of downloading the new 2022 Messenger program for messages and video calls

Messenger for free messages and instant chats

In an easy and simple way, after downloading the modern Messenger 2022 application, do a free instant chat through your Internet connection. This feature allows you to communicate with all the people who are friends with you on Facebook easily. Express what is inside you, share their beautiful moments with them, comment on their stories with beautiful words, as well as add more fun to your conversations by sending emojis that greatly express your words and what they mean.

Free video and audio calls with good quality

Sometimes chatting is not enough between you and your friend or someone you miss because in the end talking is just talk. With the click of a button, you can make a video call to see this person in front of your eyes, so that the conversation will be more expressive, and with the set of features that the Messenger 2022 camera includes from wonderful filters, your conversation will be distinguished by adding some fun to it with the one you are talking to. As for the quality of the video, it depends mainly on the speed of your Internet connection, and in all cases, the quality of video calls is good in the Facebook Messenger application, which is easy. As well as the quality of voice calls is high on the experience, where you will find the sound is clear, pure and well audible, and all this is completely free, you just need to have the Internet and go.

  1. Start a conversation with the person you want.
  2. At the top of the chat window, you will find the video call button and the voice call button.
  3. After that, press any button in them and a video or audio chat will start.

Filters add fun to video calls

When you make a video chat with anyone, you will find a bar at the bottom of the chat screen that includes a lot of filters that can add a lot of fun to your conversation. Including filters that change the face or drop a hat on your head or glasses on your face and those that completely change your look.

Send high quality voice messages

The voice messaging feature saves time and effort, especially if the conversation is long. You do not have to write everything you want to say, you can do this by speaking in your voice without writing to express more of what you want to communicate to the person you are speaking to. And the voice messages in the Facebook Messenger 2022 Messenger for Android are clear and sound when recorded and sent.

  1. In the conversation window, you will find a button shaped like a microphone at the bottom.
  2. Long press on it and start recording your voice message.
  3. If you want to cancel sending, you will find a floating x mark, drag the recording to it to cancel sending.

Send videos and photos

The world of Facebook is full of pictures, videos and special cases that we like a lot, and it happens that we like a particular picture or video a lot or an expressive case and we want to share it with others to watch it or to express a specific situation inside us contained in this video or picture. Likewise, sometimes some people like your status and want you to send it to him to save it with him or to share it on his page or in his story. In addition to sending any image or video to your phone’s memory away from the Facebook content. Also, through the modern Messenger application, you can direct any video message or image in any conversation by pressing the share button next to each message to be sent directly and you can send it to multiple people, where after pressing the brand button you will find a list of friends and next to each of them the word send.

Camera to take photos and videos and edit them professionally

The new Facebook Messenger program, the latest version for Android, comes with its own camera for instant shooting and sending what was captured with the click of a button during conversations. And you can use it individually without conversations by pressing the camera button in the main Messenger 2022 window above, and this camera has some important and useful features such as.

  1. Take pictures and put filters on them.
  2. Capture a video clip and apply live filters to it.
  3. BOOMERANG feature for fast motion picture capture.
  4. Take a selfie with the isolation feature.
  5. Create an image with only text with the ability to add emojis and stickers.
  6. Do a survey about something with yes or no answers in the survey.
  7. Share the location in your story.
  8. Tag people in your photo and story.
  9. Multiple tools to modify the image after capturing it.

Emojis , Gifs & Stickers

The new Messenger 2022 for Android features its famous emojis and stickers that make conversations wonderful and interesting and bring them to life. These stickers make us say a lot without writing any words.

Forward photos and messages from within the conversation and send them to others

This feature in the modern Messenger 2022 program saves you a lot such as copying and pasting and leaving your conversation to send something and saves you having to save these messages, photos and videos on your phone first and then resend them and search for the person you want to send them to. The matter has become simple and easy, as you will find next to each message a share or forward button by pressing it, a list of friends will open for you and next to each name of each friend you will find the word “Send” to resend this message to many people at the same time. In addition to another nice feature for the images sent to you, which is the ability to edit and modify them by pressing the pen button next to each image, and an easy Messenger photo editor will open, through which you can add texts on the image in different colors, emojis and stickers, and send them again to the same person in The same conversation.

Interact with chat messages with emojis

Just like interacting with posts and comments on Facebook, you can also interact with a specific message within the conversation in the Facebook Messenger app. Under each message there is a small button with an emoji next to the + sign. By clicking on it, you can interact with this message with the following expressions.

  1. I loved it 
  2. make me laugh 
  3. Amazed me 
  4. make me sad
  5. pissed me off 
  6. I like it 
  7. I didn’t like it 

The role of the interaction feature comes to the chat messages. As a quick and expressive reaction to how you felt when reading a particular message. As a clarification to whom you are texting. In order to understand how I felt in a simple and fast way from his message and to provide many words in one expressive symbol.

Create a reminder that alerts you to an event or event within the conversation

The reminder feature in the Facebook Messenger 2022 application helps you a lot in alerting you and the person you are chatting with, whether a person or a group, about something you intend to do, going to a place, or attending a specific event at a certain time. This reminder is set and set from within the same conversation with someone next to the camera button. Click on the 4 dots to view more options, among which you will find an option called Reminders.

  1. Click on Reminders, then Create Reminder.
  2. Type the name of the reminder and choose the time and location.
  3. Click on additional options to control the alarm time and its end time.
  4. The reminder you created will appear within the conversation.
  5. Click to attend or I can’t attend.
  6. When the alarm time comes, or minutes before it, a message will be sent to you and everyone to remind you.

Create a chat group

One of the features of the modern Facebook Messenger 2022 Messenger for Android program is the creation of group conversations, adding, deleting and defining users within the conversation. A popup for the person you are talking to and the ability to control it on your phone screen in an easy and convenient way for your need.

Create Secret Chats

An important feature for users of the easy-to-talk Messenger program for Android to maintain their privacy, as these conversations will not appear on any other phone or computer you use and will only appear on the device from which you used it. Messages sent via Secret Chat will be fully encrypted. There is a timer inside the writing field that you can set to determine the period in which the message will disappear after being read by the person you are texting automatically, and this period starts from 5 seconds to a whole day. To start a secret conversation, follow the following steps.

  1. Choose the person you want to talk to.
  2. Inside the chat window at the top there is an exclamation mark icon, click on it.
  3. You will see many options, including Go to a secret conversation, click on it.
  4. Start your conversation and if you like, set a certain period for the message to disappear after reading it.
  5. To delete all your secret messages from the main screen of Messenger, click on your picture above.
  6. Then click on Secret Conversations and then Delete All Secret Conversations.
  7. You can also delete a single secret message by long pressing on the conversation and deleting it.

Share your location with others

Activating the location sharing feature in Facebook Messenger makes it easy to find you by your friends, especially when traveling or important meetings and other things that sometimes require sharing your location with the person you are messaging to facilitate meeting you and finding you easily. Sharing your location is limited to only 60 minutes and there are multiple options for sharing your location with others.

  1. By sending your location within the same conversation to whomever you are messaging.
  2. By clicking on the camera, then choosing a text, then sharing the location as your story or as an image.

Search for friends’ chats, pages and groups

Through the search box in the new Messenger 2022 program, you can easily access and navigate between your messages that were made before, as well as search for a specific phrase or word within all your conversations and find friends, pages and groups to easily message them and communicate with them.

Conversational search feature

Sometimes the conversations are many and long between you and someone, and you may need a certain part of this conversation for something like a reminder, to copy the message, a phone number, or other things. This feature in the new Messenger 2020 program helps you find any text you want in any conversation and match it exactly as you entered it easily.

  1. Type the text of the search words you want in the search box.
  2. All matching words will be displayed in all the conversations you mentioned.
  3. Click on the conversation you want and what you searched for in the conversation will be highlighted.

View SMS messages inside Messenger 2022 and control them completely

Messenger 2022 for Android supports sending messages from phone to phone, and there is an easy Messenger program option to make it the default messaging application, where the program will display the messages of the phone card inside it without the need for another application to do the task.

By activating this option, the messages on the phone will be displayed along with the messages of the Messenger program on the main screen of the program, and you can control them and reply through an easy messenger program or delete these messages, but you must first allow the program to do so through the following steps.

  1. On the main screen of the new Messenger application for Android, click on your image at the top left of the screen.
  2. Scroll down a bit and you will find an option called SMS, click on it.
  3. Enable this option and agree to change the messaging app to Messenger.
  4. Go back to the main Messenger app screen and you will see your messages are there.

Ban annoying people

Sometimes some people can be annoying us at some point and this person can be your friend and it can be a passing conversation from a stranger. The solution here, of course, is to ban this person from writing to you permanently to be relieved of these harassment or intrusion on you and interference in your affairs. Follow these simple steps to block someone from messaging you easily on the Messenger app.

  1. In the conversation window, click on the blue exclamation mark at the top right of the screen.
  2. Scroll down a little and you will find the word ban, click on it and he will be banned directly from your message.

A collection of special games to play with your friends

Within the conversation with someone, there are multiple options in the toolbox below, including 4 dots next to the camera button to view more of these options. You will find among them the games by clicking on it. You will find in front of you a group of well-known and popular games among Facebook and Messenger users. Click on any game and inside the game you can invite your friend who you are chatting with or who is also playing these games to play together.

Stories feature

Like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other similar programs, there is a story feature in the new Messenger app for Android as well. People use the stories feature as a way to express themselves, their condition, and what they think. It is not like posts, as it is considered more special for some people and reaches more friends for them to view and comment on, unlike posts. In the stories feature, you can add the following.

  1. Text in different colors and colorful backgrounds as well.
  2. normal picture.
  3. Video.
  4. Quick Animation.
  5. Selfie with isolation feature.
  6. Survey.
  7. Emojis and stickers.
  8. Share your current location.
  9. Tag your friends.

Chat with more than one person at the same time in multiple windows

If you intend to do several important things on your phone and at the same time you want to chat with friends and interact with the groups you subscribe to, do not worry, you can talk to more than one person at the same time in several windows and switch between them quickly and easily in Facebook Messenger 2022 even when you use other programs You can continue to communicate without any disruption.

Open more than one Messenger account from the same program

You can log in with more than one account on the new Messenger program for Android and enter and exit it with the click of a button. All you have to do is go to your profile and click on switch account, then click on add account and enter the required data, so you can switch between more than one account using the Messenger application For Android mobile.

Messaging requests from strangers and controlling them

It is available for any of your friends to message you at any time on Facebook Messenger, and of course, a notification and alert will appear to you, but for other people who are not your Facebook friends, their messages will be placed and filtered in a box called messaging requests, and you will find a notification on the messaging requests option if there are new messages You didn’t see her. It will not appear to others that you have read their message until you reply to it.

  1. On the main screen of Messenger 2022 for Android, click on your profile picture at the top left of the screen.
  2. Click on the messaging requests option and you will find all the messages in it.
  3. Click on any message from them to view it.
  4. Reply or click on I don’t want to receive messages from this person to ignore them.

Manage your Pages messages

In the new Facebook Messenger app for Android, you can also manage and view the messages sent to you by fans of the pages and groups that you have created and managed. Moreover, there is no need to go to your page and open messages. Where you will also get notifications when you receive a new message for your page, and you can reply through Messenger as well. Your pages are displayed in your personal page on the Messenger 2020 application.

Complete control of your conversations and who you talk to

There are multiple options in the conversation window of the Messenger 2022 program that you can view and modify easily. By pressing the exclamation mark at the top right of the screen while you are chatting with someone. Here you will find the following options in order.

  1. Mute the conversation.
  2. Visit the profile of whom you chatted with.
  3. Video and audio call button.
  4. Change and customize the shape and color of the chat for a specific person.
  5. Choose a specific emoji for a specific person.
  6. Put a nickname for whoever has his own conversation.
  7. Search the conversation.
  8. Start a secret chat.
  9. Create a group with the person you are talking to.
  10. Control the notifications for this conversation, enable or disable it.
  11. Ignore the messages this person sends you.
  12. Permanently ban this person.
  13. Pictures shared in this conversation.

Play and watch Facebook videos during video calls with whom you are chatting

In each update, something new is added or modified in the program. In a new Messenger update that was recently released, it is available for download within the downloads site. A new feature has been added that is unique to what it offers as a feature within a chat and video call program as a messenger.

This feature is that during your video chat you can video chat with someone. Search, select, play and watch any video uploaded to Facebook at the same moment.

Moreover, this feature added more enthusiasm and made it easy to use Messenger to make a video call without downloading and sending the video. You can search for it now through the search box available within the conversation and choose any video to be played directly for you and the person you are talking to.

Custom response to a specific message in the conversation

Like WhatsApp , you can drag a specific message to the right in the conversation in the new Messenger program for Android until you make a personalized response to it. It can also be done in another way. Long press on the message that you want to reply to, and an icon of a curved arrow will appear next to it. Click on it to be able to reply to a specific message in the conversation.

Share and send files from different social sites

On the other hand these files are meant here. The animated images and sharing of links to audio files from listening platforms such as Anghami are available within the new Messenger app. As well as the ability to share photos from the famous Pinterest site with the content of photos from within the Messenger program is easy directly. And other sites that enable you to share and send different types of files. So you will find these sites in the conversation next to the camera button there are 4 dots to display more options. By clicking on it, these sites will appear below. Choose a site to browse and share its files.

A special code for each user to add and message in Messenger via the camera

Well like Snapchat. Messenger users have their own code, which is a code that can be scanned with the camera to start chatting directly in an easy way. Or by choosing a saved image with the icon of anyone using the Messenger. Moreover, when you scan this code, a conversation window will open directly to start chatting with that person.

Activity and appearance control

This option enables you to hide that you are connected to the Messenger 2022 application. But at the same time, you will not be able to know the people who are currently active on Facebook Messenger.

Black dark mode feature

The dark mode is the so-called night mode. Which has been added in most programs, and what distinguishes this mode is the calm black color that makes the user feel comfortable. Note that this mode was not available for Messenger 2022 for Android. Except in the recent period after several updates were released and users were asked to provide this mode in the new Messenger program. Moreover, you can activate the night mode for Messenger by clicking on your profile picture. And you will find the first option, press the button on the right to activate it.

Save internet data

This feature is only available when you start and use the new Messenger by connecting to the phone data, not Wi-Fi, but why the phone data only? The answer is that by activating this mode, Messenger will not automatically download and save photos and videos sent to you within conversations, unless you click on the file to download it, such as WhatsApp. This feature is also available within your profile in the options.

Customize Messenger

You can easily customize the settings according to your desire. The notifications can be set, by playing a sound when there is a new message, vibration, or even lighting the phone, controlling the display of the message or not, choosing the sound of the incoming message, and controlling the sounds of Facebook Messenger for Android when writing, which is one of the entertaining things during conversations Or when messages reach the other party and more customization of everything in the application.

There is really no easier than that, Messenger 2022. Facebook Messenger is a giant application for the presence of all these features and features in it, as well as the most downloaded application on the Play Store among other chat programs, do not worry from anywhere and at any time Facebook Messenger is ready to work quickly And great, download it now and enjoy these features in your hands.

Download Old Messenger 2017-2018-2019 Messenger Old Version Apk

Our honorable visitor, we offer you to download the old Messenger 2019-2018-2017, the old version of Messenger for Android Apk, with direct links. This topic also includes a link to download Easy Messenger 2022, the latest version .

To download previous versions of the old Messenger program on the phone, click on the following button to download the old version suitable for your phone and its Android version. Where you will find copies dedicated to a specific version of Android, such as Android 4 or 5. You also have to download the version compatible with the version of your system in order to work without problems. If there is a recent version of Easy Messenger installed on your phone, you must delete it first to install the old version successfully.

Click on the next button and follow the steps below to download an old Messenger for Android.

Important note: This part of the topic is for downloading the old Facebook Messenger only. To download Easy Messenger 2022, the latest version, go to the download page button at the beginning of the topic or the end of the topic.

  1. You will find in front of you an easy messenger version, choose the version you want and click on it.
  2. After that, click on download and the download will take place directly.
  3. Delete any recent version, install and run the old version and make sure that it works correctly on your phone.

Download Easy Messenger 2022 Messenger Download without the Play Store with a direct link Apk

As we know, ( Google Play Store ) is available on all programs. You can easily download from it. But some people need to download copies of their favorite programs on their phone in Apk format. It does not even need to be downloaded again. And it serves as a memory for him if he buys a new phone or factory resets his current phone. Where he will be able to easily install the important programs he needs by making them available on his phone’s internal memory or external memory. This is like a backup copy of these programs so that you do not lose them and have to download them or search for them again.

You can download a modern blue messenger without the Google Play Store in the Apk format with a direct link in an easy and fast way through this topic, where the program downloads site provides downloading constantly updated Android applications, the latest versions, you can browse them from the following link ( download Android Apk programs ) as well as download all your favorite programs Easily with the push of a button. You can also download the new Messenger program without a store by scrolling to the bottom of the topic and going to the download page that is available on a direct link. Once you click on it, you will download Messenger 2022 in an easy and fast way in the Apk format.

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