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Download the Facebook program

Download Facebook suitable for the device Free Urdu for the new mobile Download Facebook directly easily Facebook Apk Blue Update the latest version for free Modern version for Android. How to download Facebook 2022 Facebook in an easy way for modern mobile, the latest free version, the largest and most famous social entity used by billions of people around the world for easy and fast communication and sharing of diaries and stories.We deal in this topic with an application from the Android Applications section , which is the Facebook 2021-2022 Urdu application for mobile, easily download for Android, with a link to the Facebook Apk update file, the latest new version with a direct link.

The new Facebook 2022 update and download is free for Android that fits the device. It provides access to the distinctive modern look of Facebook in addition to the new icons and side menu with a significant improvement in speed and performance. Therefore, we advise you to update the program frequently to get new features and stable and fast performance for sure.

And for fans of old versions, a link to download Facebook 2019-2018-2017 Facebook Old Versions has been provided. In addition, an explanation of how to create a new account through the application. And a detailed explanation of all aspects and characteristics of this many social network within the application.

And most importantly of all, we hope to provide you in this topic with the full benefit of the program on the download site for downloading Android applications and free computer programs .

Download Facebook 2022-2021 Facebook fits the device Download Facebook Urdu for mobile Update with a direct link

Connect, share, comment and like other people’s posts. Follow important pages and useful groups, buy and sell through the store. Take photos and videos, apply filters and decorate them with many tools available for free.

All these features and more you will find after downloading the Facebook update 2021-2022 Facebook Free download for modern mobile is available for download with a direct link through this topic.Related Programs : _

The story of the beginning of Facebook and its launch from Harvard University

In 2003, on the campus of Harvard University in America, there was a young genius who loves the Internet and the field of technology named Mark Zuckerberg . Mark was particularly curious about making something different among his college students and friends. He was looking for new ideas to implement them on the ground.

There have been Hot Or Not comparison sites that are particularly popular with college students. They are sites where two pictures of two people are placed to compare them and others vote to choose the most handsome among them. From here came the first idea of ​​Mark to create a site like this and indeed Mark did so and launched a site called Facemach. That is, matching faces to allow his university students to enter this site and choose the most attractive person through two pictures he publishes of different people and compare them.

So that Mark can do that and bring the real pictures of these people. He hacked Harvard University’s computer security and pulled students’ photos from it to put on his site. But the university discovered what Mark was doing and suspended the site’s activity for violating politics and privacy. His university career almost ended because of that and he was completely expelled from the university, but the charges against him were dropped. In any case, Mark did not complete his university education and devoted himself to Facebook.

In 2004, Mark was not satisfied with all of this. He liked the idea and insisted on implementing it after that by launching his own legitimate website called The site was also directed and targeted to Harvard students only to participate in it by creating an account through e-mail and sharing their photos on it.

After that, the site spread and became available to students of other universities in America and all over the world. With the increase in users and the increasing popularity of the site among the people. Mark included 4 colleagues to help him develop and run the site: Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes.

After that, Facebook became an independent company and a distinct social network at this time, and in 2005 the company deleted the word “The” from the site’s domain, to become the domain name as we know it today, .

With the passage of the following years, Facebook is constantly being developed and more features are added to it. The site won the development of the logo, the shape of the site and the main buttons. And every period, the structure of the site was fully developed and updated and more services were provided to attract more users in the whole world to use it.

Until Facebook became not just a social network on which people share their photos, statuses and stories, but a giant entity that includes many different services and features and attracts the attention of billions of users around the world, which contributed to the company’s rapid growth, and Mark and his partners in success became rich people because of a different idea and genius like Facebook Facebook.

Download the Facebook update 2022-2021 suitable for the Urdu mobile device, free for Android, the latest version of the Facebook Apk file

With the passage of time and the development of technology very quickly in previous years, especially the field of smart phones, which became more used than computers. With the development of the systems of these phones and the emergence of Apple with its IOS system and Google with its open source Android system, and the emergence of applications and copies of websites dedicated to working on the systems of these phones, where you can now download Facebook 2020-2022 that fits the device for free for mobile easily Facebook Apk.

It was necessary for Facebook to go to this category and take care of it by launching a version of Facebook for mobile so that users can easily enter this social network and easily follow their activity at any time through their phones.

How to download free Facebook, the latest version, with a direct link, download Facebook, which fits the device easily 2021-2022 The new Facebook is Urdu for mobile

Of course, there were versions that worked on Nokia phones in the Java format, but they were very limited and simple and did not contain what the new Facebook Urdu program for mobile now contains. As well as browsers, where users could access Facebook through the phone as well.

Until a version for smartphones was developed and launched completely different from all of this, here is how to download Facebook in an easy way that suits your device, where you can download Facebook 2022-2021 Facebook fits the device with a direct link through this topic by pressing the download button at the beginning of the topic.

The Facebook mobile application for Android is completely different in terms of shape, design, button arrangement, and various services. The design of the Facebook 2022 program for mobile is completely different from the site, as it is specially designed for smart mobile phones and other phones.

Thus, the Facebook mobile program is available for every system, every phone and every computer, and by browsing the site through a browser. For the Facebook company to sit on the throne of social media platforms that compete with it, from which many later appeared, such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and other well-known and famous sites.

Download the Facebook program 2022 Facebook Free Blue Talk Download Facebook in an easy way Urdu for mobile

The Facebook 2022 Facebook application for Android is your window to the world through your smartphone, so you will not need to log in from the computer every time you enter the Facebook site to follow the new from your friends, family and everyone around you on the globe.

After downloading Facebook in an easy way that fits the Urdu device, the latest version is free Facebook Apk. You will always be online even if you don’t open the app. You will be constantly aware of everything that is happening around you, everything that is published, and everything that is commented on by others. Through specific and customized notifications of everything that happens on your Facebook account.

The Facebook 2022 application also provides a one-click login feature and this feature will be presented to you to activate when you log out of your account.

Through this feature, you will log into your account with one click. It is called quick login. You will not need to type your data again. This feature includes multiple accounts if you have more than one account and want to switch between them from the same phone and from the same application. This feature is also found in the Messenger program To switch between multiple accounts.

Facebook direct download for free Urdu new version download Facebook suitable for the device Huawei and Samsung and all mobile phones for Android

Facebook, the social network par excellence, provides a customized version for the Android phone. Facebook direct download easily for mobile 2021-2022 Facebook. The Android version also comes with the same options and features as the computer version of Facebook on the web.

After downloading Facebook, the device is suitable for Huawei, Samsung and all phones 2022 Facebook. You will find everything about any feature, organized and tidy and easy to access and deal with through the application. Such as creating new accounts, pages and groups, creating and managing ads, buying and selling through the Facebook application market 2021-2022, and more and more features of the Facebook Urdu program for Android that we will talk about in detail in this topic.

Connect with everyone

You can find out and bring all the information about your friends and acquaintances at your fingertips. Go to your personal page. Upload and upload photos as well. Change your status and write what comes to your mind and share it with your friends. Comment on what is published by your friends.

In addition to that, a wide range of other options that you carry in your pocket. Such as messaging others through the use of the Facebook Messenger program, sending photos, videos and emojis, in addition to sending voice messages with your voice and making free voice and video calls without fees.

Upload photos and videos for friends to see on Facebook

It’s the best way to connect with friends through Facebook that you’ve been missing for a long time. Be aware of what people are doing Upload photos you took on your vacation, you can add multiple people to your friends list Like or comment on photos others have shared The app is also useful for getting instant notifications, when your friends comment on photos your own.

Like, comment and share other people’s posts

The application also allows you to like and write comments on other people’s posts, photos and pages. There are many ways to interact on posts with the new interaction buttons feature that has been added such as pissed me off and made me sad.

You can also do this even when you are not connected to the Internet. And if you like a post, you can share it on your page or on another group and page. You can also remove the tag that your friends have mentioned you in a post, cancel or stop notifications for posts, and more details that we will mention about writing a Facebook post for Android and related to it.

Join groups and pages and check the events around you from the Facebook application for Android

The app is also a great way to find groups and pages that interest you. Start a conversation, do a lot of other things, meet new people, connect with them, and make new friends in your life. Comment and share your information and you will gain many useful information from people who share different ideas and information. You can also learn about places and events near you so you need to be in quick contact with what is happening in your country.

To enable this feature, turn on the location service on your phone. The Facebook program comes with many different security settings so that the user can protect the data that he uploads to his account. It is highly recommended that we be wary of the personal data we share on the Facebook app.

How to create a new Facebook account 2022 on Android mobile

After downloading the Facebook 2022 Urdu program for mobile, install it and open it. And if you already have an account and want to create a new one and you are logged in before. Sign out of your account so that you can create a new account. Creating a new Facebook 2022 Facebook account requires some data from you. Follow the following explanation with pictures and implement its steps to create the account successfully.

1. Click on Create a new account on Facebook.

2. Click on Next.

A window will appear asking you to allow the program to enter the contacts, press allow, and another message will appear for you to allow the program to make and manage phone calls. The Facebook program requires these permissions to access your contacts and make calls to easily find your friends, communicate with them, send them friend requests and other things that require these permissions.

3. If you have a Google Gmail email linked to your phone before, a window will appear offering you to continue creating a new account with this email. There can be more than one email for you on the phone, they will also appear for you to choose an email from them to use for the new account. Or you can ignore this step temporarily and press None of the above to continue.

You must enter an email with which a Facebook account has not been created by a completely new email, you can visit this topic How to create a Gmail email with pictures to create a new Gmail email easily. Then write your name and the second name, the last name in Urdu or in English, and click on Next.

4. Enter your date of birth and click Next.

5. Select your gender and click Next.

6. In this step, you can link an account with a phone number or using an email as we mentioned before. Choose what you prefer and type a valid working phone number or an email to continue.

7. Write a strong password for your account and remember it well or save it somewhere on your phone so that it does not get lost and press Next. The password that you will enter for your account can be greatly needed afterwards at times if you encounter a problem with your account.

8. Complete the registration process and choose between pressing “Register” and the Facebook Urdu mobile application will automatically download your contacts, or press “Register” without downloading my contacts under the “Register” button.

9. A window will appear for you suggesting that you save the password to log in to your phone after that with one click on your account if you log out of your account or if you have more than one account on this phone and you log out of one account and log in to another.

Or you can click on not now and the Facebook 2022 Urdu mobile program for Android will show you another window with your data that you registered with the email and the password. You can take a screenshot of the screen to save this data and then press OK.

10. Go to the emails you entered and check a message from the Facebook 2021-2022 mobile application with a confirmation code to verify your email and activate your account. Copy and paste the code and click confirm. Or if you like, write another email address or phone number to link it to the account and activate it.

In the previous step, you have finished creating a new Facebook account easily on the Android mobile, and you will have your own steps, such as uploading a personal picture of you from your phone or taking a recent photo with the camera. Your personal page.

The last step to start using the Facebook Urdu program for Android is to find friends by allowing the Facebook application to upload your contacts to make it easier to find people who use Facebook around you.

Or you can click on Skip and do not download the contacts, and the Facebook mobile program for Android will display to you to confirm the order or import the contacts.

Explain the interface of the Facebook program 2022 for Android

The Facebook program 2021-2022 Facebook is suitable for the Android device with an organized and tidy interface for the convenience of the user and includes all the important features that the user needs. The interface has quick buttons and features that most users of the Facebook mobile application need in front of them. For example, to search, write a publication, or make a live broadcast, and other things that we will explain in detail by dividing the Facebook interface into five sections, and a picture will be placed for each section with the explanation.

1. The search box and the messenger button

  • The search box: It is the first thing in the Facebook Urdu mobile application, as it is of great importance to users, especially new users of Facebook. Once you click on it, enter the word search for the person or thing you are looking for, and you can search on Facebook for everything and from that.
  • Publications
  • Friends and anyone else on Facebook
  • Events
  • Pictures
  • groups
  • Videos
  • Public pages, celebrity pages, etc
  • something in store
  • the places

After the search word, you will see everything related to these things that we mentioned above, scroll down to browse them, and if you want to be more specific about what you are looking for, click on one of these categories above to display everything related to your search within this category.

  • Messenger button: in the main interface to open your Messenger and your conversations quickly without having to lock the Facebook program and search for and open the Messenger program. As we mentioned, Facebook works to provide everything for the user and for his convenience.

2. Facebook main windows 2022-2021 Facebook

Note: The shape and arrangement of the windows that are explained in this topic can change, as Facebook changes the places and types of these windows according to each update of the application.

  • The first window: It is the main home window, and it is the default window that appears to you when you open Facebook every time, and it is also because it displays everything important to the user from the writing posts box, then the stories, then the latest and latest published posts from friends, pages and groups.
  • The second window: It is a special window for the video [You can download any video on Facebook through the TubeMate program and the FeedMate program] This window displays the recent and popular published videos by people, pages and groups subscribed to and unsubscribed to. Facebook for mobile takes into account your interests and displays appropriate videos for you that you care about and love to watch. Facebook studies the user’s interest to provide him with what he wants in front of him.
  • The third window: It is for games. This window shows you the videos of the games that you are interested in watching. This window provides real-time live broadcast videos or recently broadcast videos of people playing the games you like or playing, and you can follow these people, pages and groups by clicking I have her name in the live broadcast. This window, after opening, includes the following categories :
  • You: It contains notifications about games and the latest games you played on Facebook, and you can click on any game to play it directly without downloading on Facebook, and suggestions for people, groups and pages that broadcast to follow them.
  • Groups: It includes groups for famous and powerful games, and these groups make live broadcasts of these games and publish new about them and full discussion of these games.
  • Follow up on games: It contains a list of the most famous game pages such as Buggy to follow, and when you follow one of the pages of these games, you follow every video that has been broadcasted from anyone about it, and you can also make a live broadcast while you play and share your video on these pages to display your talent in it.
  • Search: to search for anything related to a specific game from the videos and games your friends play, pages, groups and people who are broadcasting these games live.
  • Live broadcasters: where the most famous game players who do live bass for your favorite games or other games that may interest you.
  • Playing games: It is a Facebook platform for online games without downloading or any requirements. It includes many famous games on your phone such as Ludo King, chess, Candy Crush and other famous games. In addition, there are categories and classifications of action games, table games, intelligence games, puzzles, information and strategy games. .
  • The fourth window: It is for notifications about the user on his posts and comments on friends’ posts, pages and groups, and notifications about the account and Facebook itself and the user’s pages and groups that he manages. The Friends tab, notifications for friend requests, acceptances, and pokes are integrated. There is also a small box at the top that suggests new people to add as friends.
  • Fifth window: It includes the side menu of the Facebook application 2020-2021 Facebook suitable for the Android device, and it includes the user’s personal page, the pages he created, settings and more other features of Facebook that we will explain in detail in the explanation of the program’s characteristics below.

3. Bam Takkar Publications and Publications Fund

Facebook asks you what you think of this box to share how you feel. When you click on it, this box contains many tools that help you write a special post to share with the world. These are the most important characteristics of the publishing fund in the Facebook program 2022-2021 Facebook for Android .

Control who can see your post

You can specify who will see this post by clicking on the word “public” above, and you can specify the post to be shared with.

  1. Public: It will be seen by anyone using Facebook and will appear in public searches as well if it contains matching words found in your post.
  2. Friends: only to be seen by your added Facebook friends and will not be visible to anyone else in the public who are not your friends.
  3. Except friends: It blocks your post from certain people with whom you do not want to share your post and it will not appear to them.
  4. Specific friends: The post will appear to specific friends that you choose, and it will not appear to the rest of the friends, and this is a good option in terms of privacy.
  5. Only me: Here your post will not appear to anyone but you.

Create a private album for each post that you publish

Next to the post privacy button, there is an album button, which allows you to create an album and name it whatever you want to make labels for your posts, whether text posts, photos, videos, etc. You have to write the name of the album and put a description of it, and this is optional. You can decide who can see this album and what it contains of posts, photos, etc., as well as add so-called contributors from friends who can put their posts, photos, etc. in this album that you created.

Post writing tools

1. Post background

To add an expressive aesthetic to your text post, there are a lot of new and popular beautiful backgrounds that you see in most of others’ posts.

2. Features you can add to your post

Organize your post and add a lot of things that help you write a post correctly and purposefully. The following features are available to you to add to your publication.

Multiple features you will find when writing a new post

  1. Image/Video: Multimedia file extensions have images or video and you can add as many as you want and place them in the post.
  2. Tag specific people: they can be present in a photo, video, or even a text post related to them, a place you were together and other similar things. And when you sign them, the Facebook 2020-2021 Facebook mobile program will alert them so that they like, comment and share your post, and this post will appear on their personal page.
  3. Feeling / Activity: To express how you feel on a post by choosing several feelings that express you such as that you feel happy, love, hope, etc. As well as introducing people to the activity that you do that made you write this post and share it from your birthday, travel somewhere, celebrate something and other similar things.
  4. Place: To add your location from which you wrote the post so that people know where you are. This feature is useful especially when traveling so that everyone knows that you will travel to a specific country to bid you farewell. Or share your location for a place you liked and you want others to know about, and you can provide them with some information about this place in the same post.
  5. Live broadcast: If you are a fan of talking to people directly, use this feature to broadcast what is around you directly to everyone. You can also make a live broadcast while you are playing a game and other things that will attract many people to you if you master it.
  6. Background color: To decorate and change the background of your post, which we talked about above.
  7. Camera: to take photos and videos with its powerful features that include live broadcasting, shooting moving objects, stabilizing them, normal mode, video mode, and you can choose music to play it directly while you shoot the video as a musical illusion for your video, as well as the many wonderful filters that add an atmosphere of fun and beauty to your image.
  8. Watch Party: Share your videos or a specific video for everyone to watch with you at the same time.
  9. Animated GIF: You can search and select the type of animation you want through the image search engine when you click on this feature.
  10. Three-dimensional image: The latest version of the Facebook Urdu program for Android will easily make it for you. Through this feature, you can convert any image into a three-dimensional image that moves by simply moving the phone in any direction.
  11. Asking for recommendations: If you are in a country other than your own and you would like people to share their recommendations with you, for example, about good restaurants in this country, hotels, amusement parks and other places. You can select your location and ask people what you want in the same post to share with you their recommendations for specific places.

4. Stories

This section includes quick stories similar to the stories of WhatsApp , Snapchat and Instagram that are shared by others from your friends and pages that you follow, as well as a button for you with your personal photo to add your stories quickly. You can add a story in the form of text, music, a selfie, a quick gif, a poll, or a video.

Once you click on a story, all other stories that have been shared will be displayed automatically. You can press and hold on the story to stop it, and you can press the right to return to the previous story and to the left to view the next story. You can also comment, interact and reply.

5. Latest News Feed

Facebook Mobile News Feed is the collection of all the posts shared by others from people, pages, groups and videos. In addition, the latest news is updated every short period of time to fetch recent posts that others have shared on Facebook for mobile to be always aware of what is happening and what friends around you are sharing to share with you in turn.

Explanation of the features of the Facebook 2022 mobile application, the latest version for Android

  • the shop

As we mentioned, it is available within the Facebook program 2021-2022, and Facebook Urdu is suitable for the device for Android. A store for buying and selling through which you can practice your business online and publish your goods to offer them to millions of people until they buy them. You can also browse the products and goods offered for purchase through the Facebook store.

  • friends

Add more friends suggested by Facebook to expand your friendship with everyone and meet new people from different countries and ethnicities. Through this box, you can control your friends list from messaging, unfollowing, blocking, and permanently canceling the friendship. You can also follow your friend requests to approve or reject them.

  • groups

Here, everything related to the groups you follow is displayed, and you can explore more of them and follow them. As well as creating your own group easily through some simple steps in the Facebook program 2021-2022, which is suitable for the device for mobile. In this field there is a button for settings. By clicking on it, you can control notifications and groups in the side menu for quick access to them and follow or unfollow and control your membership in these groups where you can continue to or leave them if you are not interested in their content.

  • video clips

Follow and see new videos from Pages and groups you follow and control their notifications when they post a new video. And inside the videos section, you will find a button for your videos that you have saved to watch at a later time. And watch history to go back to what you watched again and in the order in which you watched it.

  • Occasions

Events are the events and occasions that will happen around you as well as the birthdays of your friends with dates to share their celebration. And when you click on any occasion, you will find pictures, information and dates for it to make it easier for you to go to it. You can also create your own event and invite everyone to it.

  • memories

If your account is old on Facebook, there will be posts with old dates that are memories for you. Facebook saves every post you’ve ever made and reminds you about it now if you want to post it again and bring back memories.

  • Saved items

This is a powerful feature of the Facebook 2021-2022 program. You save any post whether text, image or video from your timeline, group or page. While browsing the publications, you may come across information or an image that you need and want to save. To return to it again without losing it or searching for it again, over time, pages, groups and people publish new posts. It will be difficult for you if you need a specific post and you do not save it in your saved items.

  • Pages

Apart from the latest news on the home page and what Pages publish, in this category you can view only all of the Pages’ publications. And you will find in it your pages that you have created as well, as well as you can explore and like new pages that suit your interest and with the search button at the top you can find any page in any field easily. There is a category for invitations your friends have sent to like a particular Page that they created or liked.

  • Nearby friends

Another powerful feature if you activate it requires you to allow Facebook to know your location and Facebook will put you in the list of friends nearby. So that your friends know where you are to make it easier to find you in any circumstances or to go to you when needed. And you also know your friends around you wherever you go.

  • the games

New gaming videos and live broadcasts, as well as gaming-related pages to follow. The games section includes a platform for playing games online without downloading in the Facebook application 2021-2022. Facebook is suitable for the Urdu device for the new Android.

  • Jobs

A recruitment platform in which participants create advertisements for their need for employees for their companies or commercial establishments. You can find a suitable job for you through this platform by searching for it or by specifying the location of your country and the jobs available there. Within each job posting, you will find job details and contact information with its publisher and provider. And if you need employees for your business, you can create a free advertisement through the Facebook mobile application for Android.

  • places nearby

It is similar to the occasions we talked about, in which you will find all the events that will take place in the coming periods in your country or in the place that you will specify, or you can find out about this through the search button for a specific event. There is a section recommended places such as restaurants, art galleries, nightlife, entertainment and many other categories. Clicking on any place will open its page. You can write to them and make a phone call to book, and you will find a map that will also show you how to reach them exactly.

  • Latest advertising activity

Advertising activities are the ads that appear to you on your News Feed page between publications, but here is a place for these ads only. Where you can browse all the ads that you feel are of interest to you, and this is what Facebook provides you with ads according to your interests.

  • Send or request money

You can pay via Facebook by entering your credit card number to your Facebook friends, as well as receiving money from them in a secure, encrypted and highly protected way.

  • the most recent

On the main page of the Facebook Urdu program for Android, you will find in front of you the publications arranged and organized, old and modern. But this box includes only newly published posts, and this helps you to quickly participate in what is happening around you, and to know everything new in real time as soon as it is published.

  • Crisis response

Crises happen in our world from time to time, and you can have one of your friends in a place where a crisis occurs, such as a flood, an explosion, or other natural and unnatural disasters. Through this box, you can check on your friends and go offer a helping hand if you are near them. And you can classify yourself as safe in such situations so that others can reassure you.

  • Recommendations

All the posts of people who requested recommendations in their posts are displayed here to share and make a recommendation for a specific command or enablement to the owner of the post from your friends.

  • Offers

A place that offers you offers that have been created by people on the store and are for a limited time and each offer by clicking on it you will find all its details.

  • Search for a Wi-Fi network

This feature needs to activate your geographical location, and Facebook will display the free open networks in your location, as well as their address and location.

  • weather condition

A weather section to list the weather in your country in percentage or in Fahrenheit. The weather forecast for the whole week will be displayed and this feature will require you to enable your geographical location.

  • All donation campaigns

A private community within the Facebook community for all donations to others. Through organized fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations, you can also create your own fundraising campaign for a purpose.

  • City guides

A guide to every city in the world with pictures and suggestions for places, restaurants and hotels to go to. The most prominent tourist attractions of this city and within this guide you will also find classified continents and each continent includes its famous cities.

  • Hardware requests

If you are using another Android device, whether a TV or any other device, and you want to access Facebook, you can do so easily. This device will display a number for you to type in the box within this field. To allow this device to open and operate your Facebook account.

  • Advertising Director

You can also, after downloading the Facebook application 2021-2022, suitable for the Urdu device for the new Android. Follow your advertising activity on Facebook and your ads that you have created and managed as well as easily create new ads.

  • Live Streaming Videos

A section for the live broadcast of videos, especially for games, as well as matches. Or the various events shared by others via the Live Broadcast feature.

Problems and solutions for the Facebook app for Android

  • Facebook does not work , hangs , does not respond , does not work despite the presence of the Internet .

Try one of the following solutions to solve these problems :

  1. Download the Facebook file that fits the device, the latest version, and easily update the Facebook application 2022-2021 Facebook for mobile from our website.
  2. Download the compatible version for your phone and the Android version automatically from the Play Store .
  3. Clear the Facebook program data by pressing and holding the application icon. And then click on program information, then click on storage and clear program data and cache. And you have to log in again.
  4. Permanently delete the program, restart your phone and reinstall the latest version of it.
  5. Ensure the availability of your internet package and access points.
  6. Perform a network reset > Settings > General Settings > Reset > Reset Network.
  7. Factory reset > Settings > General settings > Reset > Factory reset.

Facebook update 2022-2021 latest version download Facebook fits the device the new format direct download

In every new update of any program, the developers make many improvements and add more new features and features within the program. For the convenience of the user to use the program smoothly without problems.

We provide you with the Facebook 2021-2022 Facebook update to the new format automatically, fits the device easily, the latest version, a new version, direct download. The new look is the changes made in new versions of the software. The most notable change in terms of shape is the complete change of the side menu shape in recent versions, in addition to some minor changes in other places in the program.

How to update my facebook 2022-2021

On the downloads website, you will find all the new updates for all programs that are available continuously, including the Facebook update easily that fits the device and in the Apk format. Through this topic, you can download your new Facebook 2020-2021 Facebook update automatically for free to the latest version with direct links. Just go to the Facebook download page for the latest topic and download the latest version for free . In any case, the Android user should check the programs installed on his phone and download and install their updates continuously.

It helps to download the Facebook software update that fits the device to the latest version. Get the latest features and new modifications, whether in the basics of the application itself or in the form and colors. Or in the new features that are developed with each update for a better user experience and keeping pace with modern technology.

Download old Facebook 2019 2018-2017 Facebook for Android old version

We offer you to download the old Facebook 2019 and 2018-2017 Facebook for Android, an old version for Android, an old version in the Apk format. If you have an Android phone and the system version is older than 4.0.3. You need to download an old version of Facebook that supports your phone system in order to complete the installation process and work on your phone correctly and without problems. As this version available for download in this topic supports installation as well as work on Android 4.0.3 and later.

If you want to avoid all this, download a copy that is compatible with your phone and its Android version. You can do this by going to the Google Play Store on your phone. Search for and install the Facebook mobile program, and the store will install the latest version of the program that supports your phone without problems. To download the old Facebook, click on the next button, then choose your copy and click on it, then click on download and download it for free. Or you can download Facebook 2022 that fits the device, the latest version, through the download button, first and last of the topic.

Download Facebook in a small size Facebook Lite, a light version 1 megabyte, for Android

Facebook has launched an Android app on its social media service. It consumes less data and runs faster in areas with slow internet connection. You can start downloading Facebook Lite by clicking on the link above.

The new product manager, Vijay Shankar, said in an interview. Facebook Lite is available in countries across Asia and will soon make its way to parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

In many of these countries people are still using 2G networks. It is much slower and less capable than the 4G networks that are found in many developed countries.Facebook Lite

“We want to give people a choice so that if they face restrictions they can still enjoy the Facebook service,” Shankar said. The application only needs less than half a megabyte. This aims to reduce internet consumption in addition to reducing the cost of its use in emerging markets.

The program provides services of frequency of news, status update, notifications and photos. Without the ability to watch videos or enjoy GPS. And the application (Facebook Lite 2022) is part of the expansion of the largest social network in the world in emerging markets. Dear visitor, you can download Facebook Lite from the link just above.

Features of downloading the Facebook program 2020-2022 Facebook suitable for the device Urdu for Android, the latest version

  • Communication with friends and acquaintances has become faster and easier with this Facebook program.
  • See what your friends are doing first hand.
  • Share happy moments through photos and videos with everyone.
  • Get instant notifications when there is something new from those you know.
  • Enjoy the bundle of games offered by Facebook as well as your favorite programs.
  • Comment and share the status in different and new ways, in addition to this, there are many features within the application.
  • Writing on a colored background in different colors.
  • Add filters to the images that will be shared.
  • Emotions to interact with comments.
  • Make a live video broadcast to connect with the world.
  • Like photos, posts and pages without being connected to the Internet.
  • Remove the bookmarks you created.
  • Support working on all platforms.
  • Supporting work in many languages, including Urdu.
  • Turn post notifications on or off.
  • Post privacy control.
  • Create and manage ads from the phone.

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