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Download the Smadav Antivirus 2022 program, the latest version for the computer, that cleans the flash drive from viruses and removes them without the need to delete or delete any type of file, and it is essential for Windows operating systems to repair damage, and provide free protection from the risks of connecting external devices to the computer.

Download smadav 2022 for PC for free

Use and download the Smadav Antivirus program for smart prevention and protection from viruses. Smadav Antivirus is classified as one of the advanced tools to keep the computer in a strong protection circle from the endless dangers on desktop computers, due to the constant spread of viruses and malicious files that may infiltrate it in many ways, such as disks. External or different storage units from which the user may transfer any material to the computer and transfer software with it that may cause unexpected damage to the computer.

 prevalent at the present time, so it is preferable for the computer user to maintain a strong protection program to address these viruses and malicious software, and to help you with this we review today one of the most important of these programs In the field of protection and information security, it is distinguished by the Smadav Antivirus 2022 program for the computer.

The article organizes an overview of the Smadav Antivirus program and its launch, and mentions the systems it protects and works on.

The program to protect the computer from flashes Smadav 2022

The computer is exposed to great damage as a result of the use of external disks, flash drives, memory cards, or while we are wandering on the Internet, and we need a lot of programs for prevention and protection from deadly software and the most of them these days, so some of us use repair and protection programs from viruses, and others use a firewall against Trojans and malware .

But with the development of viruses, we need a very powerful program that defends with all its might in order to protect the Windows operating system and the data saved on the computer, especially in the face of threats coming from data storage devices such as flash drives and external hard disks as well as memory cards, a large percentage of viruses are transmitted through these means, so it is necessary to Using specialized protection programs to examine all means of saving data that are networked to the computer.

Smadav Antivirus Pro developer and the beginning of the launch of the flash memory cleaning program from viruses

The Smadav Antivirus program was created by the developer Zainuddin Nafarin from Indonesia. It started with the launch of the first version in 2006 and it was limited in capabilities until it was developed in 2008, when Zainuddin was busy studying at Gadjah Mada University and then Zainuddin returned to develop his program to protect Computers with all kinds of malicious files, and this program took care of users and its releases spread widely in record time.

Zain Al-Din provided ideal and powerful protection methods that compete with the strongest known antivirus programs. The Smadav program has gone through several stages to reach what it is now in terms of strength and effective protection of digital files and data, through an advanced technology that allows the program to work around the clock to protect your computer from unexpected attacks, which You may access your device via the Internet or while transferring files to it from well-known means of transfer and storage, such as flash drives and discs of all kinds.

Smadav what is the correct official website?

We note that there are many Internet sites in the name of the Smadav program, which makes the user confused which one is the official site, which is mentioned in Wikipedia as being

In order not to confuse some, here is the link to the official Smadav program website:

Download Smadav 2022 for Windows 10-8-7 Check the flash for viruses

The Smadav program works to innovate new and powerful protection methods by adding more layers of additional protection. The Smadav program also works to protect your computer and its contents in more creative ways in addition to the actual protection in real time, with the discovery of USB ports as soon as any external storage units are connected to start organizing the connection process And monitor additional means of storage during copying or transfer, to keep the computer in constant protection through the wonderful technologies of the Smadav Antivirus program. As for the systems that Smadav works on, Smadav can be installed on Windows with its various versions.

smadav pro free program to remove viruses from flash drive

The program, in its 2022 version, provides the ability to remove viruses from the flash so that the content stored in it is protected and preserved. When it comes to problems with harmful files in the flash memory, Smadav is a strong protective shield that provides smart protection layers that provide the feature of cleaning the flash from viruses quickly and effectively.

There are two versions available, the first is free, which contains advertisements and advertisements for the program, and the second is paid to obtain some features such as removing advertising windows.

Smadav Antivirus is unique in that it does not conflict with other protection programs, as it works in the presence of any other protection program without a problem.

As for comprehensive protection from Internet risks, for example, another double protection program must be used with it. In most cases, there will be no conflict because the program is designed to work with peers from comprehensive protection applications.

List of the most important antivirus programs that provide comprehensive protection:

Features of Smadav Antivirus: Clean flash memory from viruses

  • Complete protection and immediate follow-up from the Smadav program of what happens to the device, especially in the case of connecting one of the types of means of storing or transferring files, as they are carefully examined through the Smadav program, starting from the moment they are connected to the computer.
  • The interface of Smadav 2022 is distinguished by prominent sections to make it easier for the user of the program to access all the functions of the program to make full use of securing devices through it. The user can navigate in it and choose various commands without any difficulty.
  • You can perform a thorough check of the computer or the Windows system to ensure that it is free of damages through the various scanning systems in the Smadav program, the user can schedule to run the Smadav program at any time that is predetermined.
  • Smadav is also distinguished from other security programs by not conflicting with other security software, where you can install any other type of protection program with it, such as Avast.
  • Smadav is a small program that takes up only a small amount of space, is of great benefit and is integrated. It detects the most powerful viruses and completely prevents them from activity and deals with them so that no data on your device is destroyed.
  • Users are interested in programs that run in real time and with Smadav they can get this and also not affect the performance of the computer.
  • Unique performance: It is also characterized by its unique performance as it does not affect system resources as other programs do, and takes only a small amount of memory.

Smadav scans the contents for any type of virus, the detection rate of malicious files in the Smadav program is very high according to the tests tried by experts, and it is especially active when any external disks are connected to the computer, including flashes, external hard disks and smartphones, as soon as it detects the use of a USB port it checks Real-time files and transactions occur between the computer and devices to ensure that threats are prevented in real time, as it blocks them and prevents malicious commands from running on the device.

Explanation of installing the Smadav 2022 program on Windows 10

An illustrated explanation of how to install the program on the Windows operating system:

The Smadav program that specializes in cleaning flash memory from viruses comes with a simpler interface than that of any other antivirus. The scanning process can be customized for a specific part of the computer. The size of the program is very small if it is compared with one of the other protection programs.

What is the difference between Smadav Pro and Smadav Free version?

The free differs from the professional version with some options, including:

Removing ads When you start Windows, the Smadav 2022 program runs and shows a window containing offers for the paid version, and this panel enables you to access and access some settings that are not available in the regular version.

As for the examination and degree of protection, it does not reduce or change it in the two versions, as they work with the same technology, capacity and databases.

Finally, to achieve the highest protection rate, take advantage of the latest versions of the program by downloading them to the computer and updating them periodically to keep your work and your devices safe.

In the end, we emphasize that the Smadav program:

  • It acts as a protection against USB Flashdisk viruses and malicious files while providing second-class protection.
  • To protect from the dangers of the Internet, you need another protection program installed in the presence of Smadav.

Program to clean flash memory from viruses and repair them

One of the masterpieces of Smadav is that it is a program to clean flash memory from viruses. It is fully specialized to deal with flashes and memory cards, where you can use it to clean the flash from viruses and perform a thorough examination so as not to damage it. Through the simplest steps, a complete examination of the flash can be done if you wish. To ensure that you are safe as well as download it with your computer from any damage that may be caused to it by the presence of malicious viruses.

If you want to clean flash memory from viruses and harmful attachments without losing or deleting files from them, Smadav Flash Memory Virus Cleaner is a skilled tool for this job.

You can also remove viruses of all kinds from the flash without formatting, where the flash is repaired by scanning the viruses that prevent its use, as the causes of damage caused by viruses are fixed and treated.

Smadav . program details

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