Download Tor Browser to open blocked websites for PC 2022 32-bit 64-bit

Download Tor Browser to open blocked websites for computer Tor 32-bit 64-bit with a direct link to Windows 7 8 10 XP for free

We learn how to download the Tor browser for PC and laptop, explain the latest version of Tor Browser for free and solve the blocking problem with an explanation of the fastest program to open all sites, a new way without programs through which you can enter any site.

Everyone surfs the Internet and moves from one site to another and from one page to another daily and constantly at work, at home and everywhere, until it has become an indispensable part for a large group of users who rely mainly on the Internet in marketing for their business or as the mainstay of their work. It can be counted here. It does not exist except on the Internet, despite the direct impact of these works on our daily lives.

Internet users permanently may be exposed to loss of privacy or tracking for many and varied reasons. When you open the Internet, you have made a path to your device, although it may be somewhat protected, but the use of some simple data such as IP can reveal a lot of your identity data and access to your device It will reveal more than that, and it may put you at risk as well.

Download Tor Browser to open blocked websites for PC 2022

The TOR 2022 browser to open blocked sites is a professional computer program where, through today’s tool, it is possible to open and browse the blocked sites for the computer in a hidden and encrypted way, where sometimes the user needs to browse the Internet with more privacy, even without knowing his IP, device type or any data Another, and here comes the role of unblocking sites by downloading Tor 2022 Arabic with a direct link to open the blocked sites, which we will learn together about its features and characteristics in browsing the Internet, and what is the difference between it and any other browser, a lot of information that you must know to understand more about the mechanism of work and the degree of privacy that You will get it.

  • Download Tor Browser for PC 32-bit 64 enhances security: prevents tracking, hides data, opens blocked sites, is available on the Internet, and has an official site to download the latest versions
  • Most Internet experts recommend it: While there are dozens of programs and applications that have been produced specifically for this purpose, and among most of them, experts and seasoned experts in the field of digital security recommend using Tor Browser, the latest version, as it is the most secure.
  • It works on multiple systems: Tor supports your security and privacy on multiple operating systems, as there are:

Supported systems:

  1. Tor Browser for Windows 32-bit 64-bit: It is the famous version that got the latest update No. 8.5.5 and its size is approximately 55 megabytes of data.
  2. Download Tor for Mac: The Mac also got its latest version of the browser with a size of 68 MB.
  3. Linux system: The version 8.5.5 comes with a size of 74.5 MB to open blocked sites for the Linux system.
  4. It is available for smart phone systems, the first of which is the Android system, which received the 8.5.6 update from the Tor browser.

How to open closed sites from the server

Closed sites can be opened from the server by downloading the Tor browser 32-bit 64-bit for free or a VPN program that bypasses this blocking or ban, the method works to solve the problem of preventing access to sites that are closed from the server of the Internet or the company.

Steps to open blocked websites on the computer from the server

  1. Download Tor Browser for Windows or Mac.
  2. Install the browser on the PC.
  3. Run the Tor program and open closed sites from the server.

This is a quick solution to unblock the process when facing the problem of some sites not opening or not working on Windows or Mac computers.

Best browser to open blocked websites for PC for free 2022

Download the best browser to open blocked sites for the computer and it works for free. You can find many browsers to open blocked sites, but downloading the Tor Browser 2022 32 Bit 64 is the best for the computer for many reasons, including that it is an integrated dedicated browser and is available for free to Internet users around the world, it is rare to find a browser With these specifications and in the end use for free.

Best browser because:

  • It works without paying a service subscription.
  • Effective and provides smart tools and options to bypass blocking anywhere.
  • Fast, so if you compare it with free and even paid VPN tools, you will be sure of the value it offers for free.
  • Instant update notifications as if you were using a paid tool.

Download Tor Browser 32-bit 64-bit Tor Browser for Windows 10 8 7 11

For those looking to download the 32-bit and 64-bit version, we offer both versions and you can download either of them on the computer with a direct link depending on the system version, and you get the following features when using Tor 2022 for the computer.

  • Incognito Browsing: Roaming and navigating between web pages and websites invisibly is the main feature of the program and is the primary purpose of using the program.
  • Changing the IP where browsing becomes anonymous by browsing through a different protocol than the real one, which prevents and makes it difficult to target you or track the pages and sites you browse so that no one can steal your data or anything else.
  • Servers in different parts: You automatically enter a different server or server every time you surf the Internet or open the new 32-bit 64-bit Tor browser to open blocked sites, which increases data security and prevents access to your device or data.
  • Open source: Free license with professional options and unlimited internet data you can browse and roam without restriction or blocking.
  • Non-profit: Profit is an option that does not exist in the Tor VPN browser, and the download is available. It was created free of charge and provides the service at no cost, and it is never intended to profit from use,
  • It does not collect data: This is what makes it the best and safe Internet browser to choose. No data is saved about you or your device when you use the Tor network to open blocked sites.
  • Prevents sites from all and knowing any data about you: When you browse any site, it automatically collects a lot of data about you, such as the protocol address, device type, system, browser, and more. All this and more will not be collected from you if you use Tor Browser to unblock it, which is available for various systems.
  • Delete browsing history immediately: Without browsing history, security and preventing access to your data are the most important to the developers of the Tor laptop program. It is available in different languages ​​and can be used in Urdu.

Download Tor Browser for PC Urdu Tor with a direct link for free

By downloading Tor Browser with a direct link, you can open any blocked site on the Windows desktop system. The download process from direct links guarantees you to get an official, unmodified original copy, through which you get the possibility to choose the type of copy 32-64 BIT and the following image gives you a quick knowledge of how Download Tor Browser for PC with a direct link.

The link did not open, what should I do?

In the event that the previous link does not work, this means that you have a Tor browser, and the solution is to enter the download page from here and click on the Tor download link to open the blocked sites from a proxy and it will load normally.

In order to bypass the period of downloading files at a high speed (despite the small size of the program), you can use the Eagle Jet program to download the installation file.

Tor Browser 2022 update to open blocked websites for PC

Download Tor Browser 2022, version 8.5.5, comes with great features for the computer, and in addition to protection, it also allows you to browse the Internet at a very high speed from your computer or laptop.

If it is an older version and you want to update it, do the following:

The next time you launch Tor, you will notice that the update installation process will start automatically.

The process of updating the Tor browser 32-bit 64-bit is more easy than the other procedures, as you receive a notification that the update service is available and that another version of the browser has been released, and you have to update only by agreeing to the automatic update process. Updating is very easy and different from other vpn tools.

Download Tor Browser from Mediafire URDU for free with a direct link

Visitors to the Downloads site and surfers of the Computer Software section, you can also get the uploaded version on Media Fire, as many users like the quick download of it because of the features it provides, so here we specially offer a direct download link from the official website and another link from Media Fire.

Download Tor browsing from Mediafire, as it is the best secure browser, protects your data and information from piracy of all kinds, an easy-to-understand interface that the remaining categories of users can deal with as any normal browser, the options are clear and Urdu and the Tor language can be changed to English or any other language.

  • It provides the user with a high layer of encryption and protection when browsing, and the tracking process will be very difficult, because the browsing process is fully encrypted with the cancellation of all available data from the IP, system type, screen size and other browsing data.
  • The Tor 2022 program to open blocked sites is available with new additional features with support for most languages, including Urdu.
  • Tor Browser 2022 fetches the data of the sites that are browsed from more than one source, which makes it difficult to access or know, and this includes all activities while the browser is working.
  • It is available for free use and browsing without a maximum limit or suspension of the service, and you can get one version for Windows and another for Mac and smartphones.
  • It offers multiple options for identifying a non-user ID and the ability to use paths provided by the browser itself.
  • Incognito browsing with no traces as soon as you close the browser No permanent nor temporary history or history.

How to download Tor Browser directly from the official website to open blocked websites?

After you get to know this wonderful browser, you can start downloading it, but the Tor website does not open, what is the solution?

Dear visitor, you may encounter an obstacle while downloading Tor from the official website as it may be blocked to you, and this is an annoying problem, but its solution is simple and easy, as you can follow the custom download steps if your Tor is blocked, and they are located on the download page.

Here you know some key information about the free Tor browser for the computer. The next step is to learn about the stages of its use and operation on your device via the direct link. When applying the steps to download the Tor browser 32-bit 64, whether it is from the official Tor website or from Mediafire or others, it is important to install Tor 2022 On the computer, the browsing process becomes safe when activated, and the user gets rid of the problem of tracking or knowing the data and files of everything that is sent and received.

Free vpn browser for pc supports vpn windows and mac 2022

If you are looking for a free VPN browser for PC that supports browsing, then this is a project that is even better than VPN programs, as the high protection through multiple encryption with many layers prevents access to user data.

The site will no longer be able to know the details about the location, device, or screen size of the browser, as new versions of the program have been developed and improved so that nothing can be known about the user’s original data, so sites or people cannot know what has been opened, accessed, downloaded, or even uploaded.

The browser is characterized by providing better services than any free VPN program for Mac, Windows and Linux, through the download links, you can get the new versions 2022 2022 compatible with the system,

Explain the use and installation of Tor Browser 32-bit 64-bit to open blocked sites

First of all, download the browser and do the following in order:

On the download page, you will find 4 main platforms, which we mentioned in the supported systems. When you download through one of these platforms, the download will be in English directly. What if you want to download the program in another language? In this case, do as in Figure 2 in this article.

Note: If you wish to enter the website, it will recognize a picture of it on your operating system and present you the version that you are working on, and at the same time it offers you the ability to choose the version to download and continue.

Browser to open blocked sites for Windows 10 8 7 11 for PC and laptop

There is no doubt that after learning about the foregoing as being one of the best integrated browsing tools for the computer to open blocked websites TOR Windows 10 and previous versions 7 8 XP all the features listed in the topic you get on all the mentioned versions of Windows.

With this browser, it is possible to bypass and open blocked sites on Windows 10 and all other versions, as you bypass the blocking operations, whatever their source, because the browsing process is using external program sources that work around the clock.

Steps to install Tor for PC Windows 7 8 10 xp and Mac

The wizard of the installation process will appear for you. In general, this guide will not take much, only moments, depending on your hardware hardware. The red color in the image shows the stages of installing Tor on the computer, starting from choosing the language until step four, finishing the wizard.

When the download and installation is completed, you have to run the program, just click on the Start Tor Browser icon, an interface will open, all you have to do is press connect:

Troubleshoot Tor Browser Not Working

Users face many problems with opening the Internet using the program, which is why we try to show you problems with the operation of the browser and some solutions to them.

Tor browser does not work and solve the problem of offline 32-bit 64-bit

Tor Browser does not work in many cases, especially when the browser itself is blocked. To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure that your internet line is working before launching the browser.
  • We recommend downloading the latest version and dispensing with the old versions, provided that the download is from the official links.

Is Tor browser safe to open blocked sites?

The most prominent features of Tor Browser It is a non-spy network and the data is encrypted when sending and receiving, which prevents access to any idea of ​​the data exchanged through the browser.

Important notes:
The data is only anonymous inside the Tor browser to open blocked sites, meaning when you install the Tor browser 32-bit 64-bit on your device, this does not mean that other programs will be safe, but only the data becomes anonymous inside the Tor browser, the Tor network does not work within other tools on the device.

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