Download VLC media player 2022 for PC 32 Bit 64 Bit VLC Windows 10 7 8

Download VLC media player 2022 vlc player 32-bit for PC and 64-bit version latest version, VLC media player Urdu for Windows 10 7 8 xp play all formats, the most powerful video media player for PC 2022 is free with direct download links.

VLC is a professional video and audio player that shows you the visual files in the same original quality to keep watching more attractive, as well as listening to the sound in better clarity than other popular players.

It has a prestige, fame, and a well-known audience. It also makes its user not need other players for all kinds of media that he has. It comprehensively supports different types of extensions. Not only that, VLC Media Player offers you a wide range of options that you rarely find in a player of this greatness. Full control over audio and its pitch, images, brightness, subtitles, location, font name used to display subtitles, and appropriate color for the viewer.

Download VLC Media Player 2022 for PC Urdu VLC Media Player

We get to know the player, how to download VLC Media Player for the computer, the splendor of media playback through it, the available systems, the ability to download and install the copy, the important features and tools it provides to users, glimpses about VLC and the data for downloading the program to the computer.

VLC Media Player is a smart player. It is better to get your copy of it. If you have not tried downloading VLC 2022 for PC Windows 7 8 10 XP and Mac Urdu before, it is in your hands now. It is a more professional player and suitable for everyone. VLC is one of the players Old ones that have a long history of working on the Windows operating system.

Where it was launched only fifteen years ago, the first version of VLC player was released in 2001, and over these years the program has developed significantly, its capabilities were limited, but it received powerful updates, additions, settings, and new tools that made it the most widely used player in our time.

What are the systems that VLC Media Player latest version works on?

It supports several platforms, after it worked only on Windows, a version was recently added for mobile devices, especially a version of VLC Media Player for Android and iPhone, as it is on these systems is wonderful and offers options that make it more distinguished and better than many other players.

For Windows: VLC Media Player for PC Windows 7 8 10 Urdu works on almost all systems, its basic version works efficiently to play media on Windows with integrated capabilities and options for clearer listening and viewing with subtitles that can be controlled in its shape and location.

VLC 2022 for Mac: A copy of the player is available for Apple products and its system, and the Mac version of it has received great attention, and some described it as the most professional in terms of design.

For Windows 10, the player supports working on the Windows 10 system, where support is available for all devices running the latest versions of the Microsoft system.

Download VLC LINUX Player: Available for Linux devices in all its different versions, and we provide a link with each version for all systems and devices.

Features of VLC Media Player VLC for PC 32 bit 64 bit

  • The player is free and open source: one of its biggest strengths is that it is open source and its version is free to develop, learn how the program works and its capabilities, ensure the integrity of its source code, learn and benefit from the experiences of developers around the world, it is also free, but you can donate to developers through the official website of the program .
  • Media support: This program is considered the biggest supporter for playing different media on the same program. VLC for PC makes you more organized, so there is no point in having other players next to this application.
  • It does not aim for profit without ads and does not collect information about its users at a time when it is rare to find a program with these specifications.
  • Multiple system support: Whatever device you use, whatever its brand and even its system, you will receive full support for your device to benefit from it in accessing the media, organizing it and also managing it professionally.
  • For all the world: The VLC 32 64 Bit program for the computer comes to all users because it supports the largest number of languages ​​to keep it convenient and easy and speaks your preferred language, so you do not need to search for another player, it is comprehensive and supports your language and of course supports Urdu.
  • Consistent interface: The design of the player is different and suitable in all versions of the platforms supported by VLC for PC and it is always being developed for better display and more clarity.
  • Technical Support: The developers provide permanent support through the official website of VLC for PC 32 bit 64 bit so that its users can communicate directly with the developers.
  • Translation control: With new options that come to coordinating the way and style of displaying visual files containing translation, where you can manage this process in terms of the topic, shape, size of the text and other options.

How to install VLC Media Player for PC Windows 7 8 10 XP

Once you install VLC Media Player on your computer, you will get the above-mentioned features and more with periodic updates and free upgraded add-ons. And the installation steps are easy, just testify the following set of pictures and order as pictures:

The operator’s internet connection policy

Usually, the privacy window appears immediately after installing the program and opening it for the first time.

In order to protect the privacy of the users, the software does not collect or transfer personal data, not even in an anonymous form, to anyone, however, VLC 2022 for PC is able to automatically retrieve the media-related information in your playlist from the based services The Internet from a third party, including covers, section names, and other metadata.

As a result, it may result in identifying some media files to third party entities. That is why the developers of VLC Player for PC require your explicit consent for the media player to access the Internet automatically.

  1. The first option allows the operator to access the Internet to find metadata.
  2. The second option is to detect new updates, where you can download the latest VLC version from here automatically.

Localization of VLC for PC Windows and Mac 64 bit 32 bit

When you open the media player, the VLC program for the first time, it will start working in the default language, which is English. By default, many languages ​​are available for the program’s interface. To obtain a suitable interface in Urdu, follow the following localization steps.

Amazing add-ons and shapes for VLC Media Player Urdu

VLC Player supports the installation of add-ons, and its official videolan website provides great add-ons to make the program provide more services easily, and this provides the user with many features that he may need at any time, with more than 175 additions that improve and increase the value of the program and its options.

It also supports multiple themes and there are distinctive templates designed to make the player look beautiful. You can download more than 130 different shapes that are officially presented on the support site, and many more on external sites.

Download VLC 2022 Urdu for PC, a professional media and video player program

By downloading VLC Urdu, and despite being a free program, it is ahead of many other media programs, even paid ones.

  1. Converting audio files: an additional feature integrated with VLC Media Player, where in moments and without other programs or applications, the conversion feature can be accessed, the selection of the audio file whose extension is to be changed, and the selection of the new format and storage location, then agreeing to start the conversion process immediately.
  2. Screen Recording Video: A great feature available in the VLC 32 64-bit program for free for the computer, where it records the video without using other applications that need to be searched and tested .
  3. Play compressed video files RAR: Isn’t it great that you can play the video file while it is compressed without even having to download WinRAR 2022 to decode the files, this method will help you a lot as if you have a visual file divided into several parts, you can play the first file and VLC for PC will automatically identify you The rest of the parts and their operation in succession, and in the event that one of these parts has a problem, you can watch the rest without trouble.
  4. Watch directly from YouTube.
  5. Raising the volume: without the need for any additions, only the VLC program, which enables you to control the increase in the volume indicator more than normal three times. This feature helps you in the event that the sound of one of the clips is low and you need to raise it.

Download vlc 64 Bit 32 bit for PC Windows 7 8 10 and Mac Urdu latest version

Tips: Whatever your device type, you can download the latest version of VLC for your system and install it and check the FAQ to get all the solutions you need regarding after downloading VLC 32 64-bit for PC and during installation choose your preferred language, you can understand the settings window that we recommend to see immediately Install the program to see what you can do and edit with VLC.

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