Extra Lives MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Health, ammo Points)

Free Download Extra Lives MOD APK latest version with unlimited health and ammo points. The users who like thrilling zombie missions can play and enjoy this game.

Game Information

Name of GameExtra Lives MOD APK
Latest Free Version1.4
Android Support4.1+
Size 49 MB
Moded FeatureUnlocked health and ammo
Extra Lives MOD APK

Overview of Extra Lives MOD APK Game:

Want to experience the world of zombies people? Yes, You can enjoy the world of Zombies people using this game. Multiple fighting groups (8) and characters (200) are available in the game. You can handle the situation and fix it using these characters and groups.

The user can explore the city to its original condition by exploring multiple places (50) and other items available in the game.

Why Extra Live MOD Unlimited Health & ammo Points?

In the original game, you have limited health and ammo, as a result, it is very difficult to pass and unlock new levels. If you want to enjoy the game unhindered and pass each level, you will need two things: unlimited health and unlimited ammo. The Extra Live Mod solves this problem and unlocks health and all weapons for you.

Extra Live Special Edition Extinguishing Features:

  • The game contains great places to explore.
  • You can participate in different fights.
  • Multiple Game modes can be enjoyed.
  • The Game controls available in the game are easy to use.
  • Visit Multiple cities and control their order.
  • The game contains great graphics and sound.

The user can use the extra lives apk app to enjoy the combat and zombie survival control. The game contains colored buttons for usage.

Characteristics Personalization:

The user can personalize the characters available in the Extra Lives Mod APK Game. You can do it quickly to enhance the game experience. You can enhance the characters’ power of fighting and restoration using these features.

Multiple Modes of Game:

Extra Lives MOD APK Game is a thrilling app that contains Multiple Gaming Modes.

  • Editor Mode: The Mode allows users to make changes to in-game levels.
  • DeathMatch Mode: The mode allows users to fight with enemies along with your characters available.
  • Survival Mode: The user can fight with the zombies to survive himself using this feature.

Best User Interface and Easy Control:

The game is full of adventure. You can enjoy the best interface of the game whether in classic mode or in Deathmatch mode. The game contains easy-to-use controls. A review of its control is mentioned below.

  • Touch the Clock: This control allows the user to pause the game.
  • Red Fist Button: The user can attack from any side using this.
  • Double Tap: The user can go in any direction using this feature.
  • Blue Hand Button: This button allows the user to pick and drop the objects available in the user’s hands.
  • Both Red Fist and Blue Hand Button: The user can mix all the objects available in his/her hand using both buttons.
  • Attack Buttons: The user can defeat the opponent using these buttons.

Main Features of Extra Live APk

Dynamic Sound & Music

The game contains the best sound and Music. Music and Sound earn the interaction of users to fight against zombies. So the user can enjoy playing the game and experiencing its best features.

Best Graphics:

The game contains thrilling graphics and interfaces while fighting with the zombies. The visual graphics are the best part of this exciting game.

Interesting Playing Locations:

You can enjoy the interesting locations available in the game. The user can use the in-game settings to explore the best places and locations of game features. You can adventure 50 best locations and exciting combat available in the game.


The extra lives apk is a thrilling game full of violence and fighting experience. You can download the extra lives mod apk special edition and enter into a horror World.

Extra life is a free android game to download. You need not purchase the game as it is a free android app for smartphones.

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