Flick Home Run Mod Apk 2022 Download Baseball Game

Flick home run mod apk 2.4 is a sports baseball game in which the user experiences himself into the game just by flicking the fingers. 

Basic Information Apk

Game Name: com.infinitypocket.flickhomerun
Size:46 MB
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Download Flick Home Run Mod Apk 2.4 

You can download Flick home Run Apk from the above link and appsoftbox.com. In addition, you can visit our Homepage to download further apps.

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Flick home run mod apk 2.4
Flick home

Overview of Flick home run Mod Apk 2.4:

Flick home run mod apk is a sports category game developed by the infinity pocket. Based on the pendulum idea, you flick the ball to fly more and more. You have to flick the finger to earn a score.

The pendulum-based ball will fly when you flick it with your finger. So it’s easy to control the ball in-game. 

You can become a run hitter using your fingers accurately. Your finger behaves like a bat in the game. The accuracy and speed of your finger describe the ball to run fast. However, due to the ball’s movement, you may also miss the ball.

The ten modes in games are Minor and major mode, Multiplayer mode, Moon- Star Mode, Training mode, Bunt mode, Total Mode, Faster and Faster mode, Jiant Mode, and Cutter mode. You need to score points to use the last five modes of the game.

You can achieve one goal, and it will increase your level. You can increase your power and accuracy skills by upgrading.

Installation Guide for Flick home run Apk:

As applications like apk look harmful to the mobile system, you must adopt the following steps before installing any apk.

Step 1: Downloading Flick home run Apk

The first step is downloading the Flick home run Apk application. You can download the Flick home run Apk from our website, which is free and secure.

Step 2: Go to Settings of Your Mobile

The second step is to go into your mobile settings and allow the option of installing apk apps from outside.

Step 3: Allows installation of Flick home run Apk Free

The third step will allow you to install the apps from outside or unknown resources.

Step 4: What is the Complete Method for installing Flick home run Apk Free?

You can download the Flick home run Apk on your computer as well. When you download Flick home run Apk, Flick home run Apk download, Flick home run Mod Apk, Download Flick home run Mod Apk, Apk Flick home run on the computer, you have to connect the USB or Your Mobile to transfer it into your android device. You can use any browser to download Flick home run Apk. You need to open this file and install it in your browser.

Flick home run mod apk 2.4
Flick home run

Features of Flick home run Apk:

Game Uniqueness

The game provides a great experience due to its uniqueness.

Unbelievable design 

The design of the Flick home run Apk is unbelievable. Numerous amount of interfaces is available in the application.

Easy to use

Users can easily play the game available on the website according to their interests.


Flick home run Apk has high and beautiful graphics. So it is easy to install this app.


The game has a good sound and music.

Comfortable Speed

The work speed of the Flick home run Apk is comfortable to work in the light.

Extensive speed

The speed available in Flick home run Apk is high.

Enjoyable Missions

The game includes enjoyable missions for users.


It is secure to install the application.

Flick home run mod apk 2.4
Flick home run


Flick home run mod apk 2.4 is a game where you can swing a ball fast and become a run hitter using your fingers accurately.


What about the Safety of Flick home run Apk File?

Apk files are 100% safe, but you must think about a trusted site before downloading these files.

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